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A Year of the Feminist & Queer Happy Hour #FQHH

Jasmine and I pose with one of the raffle prizes

This year I launched the Feminist & Queer Happy Hour in Providence and continued organizing and co-hosting monthly events in Providence. This year we got a logo thanks to the work of Margaret Middleton which we then used all over our event pages as well as our cat approved swanky buttons.

Each month we (me and some co-hosts) hosted one happy hour in Boston and one happy your in Providence, at different venues across both cities. In Providence we hosted events in places including Ogies, Riff Raff Bookstore and our now permanent home Saint Monday. In Boston we rotated venues as well but were regulars at A4Cade in Cambridge and Remnant Brewing in Somerville. Based on a $5 suggested donation at the door, we raised the following amounts for local non-profits each month: 

  • Feb. Boston FQHH raised $101 for the Boston Abortion Support Collective

  • February Providence FQHH raised $83.00 for Youth Pride RI 

  • March Providence FQHH raised $100 for Black and Pink 

  • April Providence FQHH raised $50 for Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure

  • May Boston FQHH raised $95 for Black Lives Matter and the Flint Water Crisis

  • June Boston FQHH raised $75 for Hyde Square Task Force

  • June Providence FQHH raised $55 for SAGE RI

  • July Boston FQHH raised $175.00 for Girls Rock Campaign Boston

  • July Providence FQHH $65.00 for Girls Rock! RI

  • August Boston FQHH raised $81.00 for Big Sisters Association of Greater Boston

  • August Providence FQHH raised $65.00 for Planned Parenthood in RI

  • September Boston FQHH raised $100 for BAGLY 

  • October Boston FQHH raised $110 for Silver Lining Mentoring

  • October Providence FQHH raised $125 TGI Network of RI

  • November Providence FQHH raised $100 for AMOR RI

The funds we raised for events in Providence and Boston in 2018 totaled $1380.00! It was really fantastic to see feminist and queer members of the community come together once a month. I definitely made some great new friends too which means a lot since I've spent most of my time working from home since moving to Providence two years ago. It was truly a joy to get to know folks from TGI Network, Bagly, Silver Lining Mentoring and the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure who came to talk to us at the happy hour about the important work they do. One of our biggest donors for prizes for the raffle was Good Vibrations in Cambridge who came through with amazing prizes on several occasions. They even joined us for a few events to table and talk to people at the happy hour about things like the various sex toys they sell as well as their workshops about things like consent and BDSM in the bedroom.

These events couldn't have been pulled off without the support of Jana and Audi in Providence and Jasmine and Brenda in Boston. Looking forward to what 2019 holds in store for us and the $FQHH community. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to learn about future events, check out some of the thoughtful thank you letters we've received and see photos from past events. Looking forward to organizing more events in 2019!  

#activism #FQHH

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