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Introducing the #IAmNotMyJob Zine

For May Day 2022 I'd like to share with you a zine I wrote and my partner Margaret designed. I wrote the zine as a way to celebrate that we are so much more than our jobs.

The zine includes exercises, opportunities for reflection, a coloring sheet and an invitation to dream beyond who we are within the measures of capitalism. Check it out!

You can view the zine online:

You are also welcome to print the zine yourself with the I am Not my Job Zine PDF:

Download PDF • 15.07MB

When you print the zine yourself it comes with this I am Not My Job poster, but you can also print the poster separately:

Download PDF • 1.02MB

I'm curious to hear what you think of the zine and see your coloring sheets, so share with the #IAmNotMyJob hashtag. Sending some joy your way this May Day!

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