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New article: Revisiting gender-neutral policy from a trans perspective: a look at Northern Ireland

Earlier this year myself, Maria-Adriana Deiana and Danielle Roberts published a brief Gender Update in the European Journal of Politics and Gender. The piece considers the implications of gender neutral policy on trans communities, with a focus on Northern Ireland. The two key takeaways from the piece are as follows:

  • Gender-neutral policy can depoliticise gender and marginalise trans people.

  • Intersectional and gender-aware politics resists reproducing the gender binary when promoting gender equality.

We thank those who spoke to us about this as part of our ESRC-funded ‘Feminist Activism in times of Crisis’ project, including participants from Alliance for Choice, Alliance for Choice Derry, Belfast Feminist Network, Raise Your Voice, Reclaim the Agenda, Women’s Resource and Development Agency, and Transgender NI.

Read the full piece here.

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