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Publishing article Queering Women, Peace and Security

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

This month, on International Women’s Day, the journal of International Affairs published a Special Issue on The Futures of Women, Peace and Security. My piece Queering women, peace and security was part of this fantastic special issue.

Check out this podcast about Reintroducing Women, Peace and Security recorded at the launch of the journal including comments form co-editors Paul Kirby and Laura Shepherd along with contributors.

I joined a number of the other authors from this Special Issue in Atlanta at the annual convention of the International Studies Association on a roundtable where we each discussed the issues we raised in our pieces along with questions about the possibilities of the Women, peace and security architecture in general.

It’s an exciting time to be writing about queer security issues as Cynthia Weber’s bookQueer International Relations just came out. I had the good fortune to attend the book launch at the New School where Weber told us it was, “The hardest book I ever had to write.” While at the launch Weber also talked about the importance of the book creating space in the field of international relations for a future where hiring someone with a background in Queer IR would be a possibility at which pointed I shouted in solidarity because this is the future I want to see!

This month I also successfully defended my dissertation proposal so I'm officially a doctoral candidate! My proposal builds on the ideas in my International Affairs article and I will begin doing interviews for the project this summer.

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