Jamie J. Hagen is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Relations at Queen's University Belfast. She is also the founding co-director of the Centre for Gender in Politics.  

My work is at the intersection of gender, security studies and queer theory. I bring a feminist, anti-racist approach to the work I do, seeking to bridge gaps between academic, policy and activism. I am an expert on international attention to LGBTQ+ populations in security studies, specifically focusing on how Women, Peace, and Security initiatives can better include LGBTQ voices and experiences. My research in this field is published in or forthcoming in International Affairs, Critical Studies in Security, the International Feminist Journal of Politics, and the European Journal of Gender and Politics as well as in the London School of Economics’ Women Peace and Security Blog, the International Peace Institute’s Global Observatory, and other outlets. I am the Chair for the International Studies Association (ISA) LGBTQA Caucus and a member of the UK FFP Working Group at the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy. 

In 2018-19 I was the ISA James N. Rosenau Post-Doctoral Fellow and in Spring 2019 I was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at the London School for Economics and Politics. I received my PhD from the University of Massachusetts Boston Global Governance and Human Security program. I have given guest lectures and seminars at numerous institutions including the University of Manchester, University of Sussex, the University of Essex, Wellesley, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Roger Williams University and Juilliard.

Contact: j [dot] hagen [at ] qub [dot] ac [doc] uk