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About the Centre

Jamie J. Hagen is the co-director along with Maria-Adriana Deiana of the Centre for Gender in Politics. The Centre launched at the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics in 2019.


The Centre for Gender in Politics serves the growing community of feminist scholars and activists in international studies who apply a gendered lens to understand challenges in global politics. Research conducted at the centre investigates the centrality of gender, in intersection with other categories such as race, class, sexuality and ability, in shaping local, national and global dynamics. Inspired by Cynthia Enloe’s famous slogan “the personal is political, is international”, we argue that these intersections matter in shaping the political, from everyday experiences to political institutions, from cultural production to “high-level” strategies for global security. 

The Centre considers how gender impacts politics in Northern Ireland, foreign policy, peace and security, reproductive justice, responding to climate change and the day to day lives of students at Queen’s University.

The Centre aims to promote interdisciplinary and cross-faculty dialogue at Queen’s. We engage with policymakers and sustain connections with the wider community of feminist and LGBTQ+ activists and cultural organisations in Belfast and beyond.

The Centre therefore prioritizes initiatives that support collaborations between civil society, academics as well as students in the Queen’s University Belfast community. Given the growing interest in Gender and Politics and the long-standing history of feminist activism in Northern Ireland, the Centre offers a way to bring international scholars to the School Of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics (HAPP).



Learn about our research

Read the latest news about the Centre and our publications on our blog.

Listen as Jamie and Maria discuss the role of black feminists in the Black Lives Matter protest, the need for solidarity between feminist academics and the study of LGBT and feminist activism in post-conflict societies in podcast episode three 'Activist Feminism-Addressing Inequalities' of the Peace and Conflict-Understanding Our World podcast series.

Watch Maria and I talk about the work we are doing with the Centre for Gender in Politics in this half  hour discussion about 'How Gender Matters' from August 2020. 

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