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Journal articles

'Compounding Risk for Sex Workers in the United States' 

NACLA Report on the Americas, 2018

This piece explores how Latinx queer and trans women will suffer disproportionally from a set of new laws (SESTA/FOSTA) restricting sex workers from seeking clients online. Read here. 

'Queering Women, Peace & Security in Colombia' 

Critical Studies on Security, 2017

​This piece considers the importance of the inclusion of LGBT organizations in the Colombia peace accords and what this means for the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in future WPS initiatives. It was published as a part of the Interventions section about queer/ing in/securities. Read here. 

'Queering Women, Peace & Security'

International Affairs, 2016

Feminist security studies and emerging queer theory in international relations provide a framework to incorporate a gender perspective in WPS work that moves beyond a narrow, binary understanding of gender to begin to capture violence targeted at the LGBTQ population, particularly in efforts to address SGBV in conflict-related environments. The article explores how a queer security analysis reveals the part heteronormativity and cisprivilege play in sustaining the current gap in analysis of gendered violence. Read here. 


Book chapters


"Global Racial Hierarchies and the Limits of Localization via National Action Plans" 

w/ Toni Haastrup

New Directions in Women, Peace and Security

Edited by Soumita Basu, Paul Kirby and Laura J. Shepherd

Bristol University Press, June 2020

The UN’s Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda is widely recognized as the most significant and far-reaching global framework for advancing gender equality in military affairs, conflict resolution, and security governance. This book brings together scholars from a range of fields, as well as policymakers and activists, to explore the new directions that are currently emerging for the WPS agenda. 


"Extending acts of motherhood: Storytelling as resistance to stigma" 

Troubling Motherhood: Maternality in Global Politics

Edited by Lucy B. Hall, Anna L. Weissman, and Laura J. Shepherd

Oxford University Press, p. 51-66, Jan 2020

Featuring innovative and diverse chapters on the politics of motherhood as an institution, this collection shows that maternality is troubled, complicated, and heterogeneous in global politics. Thus, performances and practices of motherhood warrant closer and more sustained scrutiny. This book builds on work by feminist international relations scholars, extending into disruptive spaces of queer theory, literary critique, and post-colonial studies. 



Handbook on Gender and Violence

Laura J. Shepherd (ed)

Oxfordshire, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, p. 61-76, 2019

Containing contributions from leading experts in the field, this Handbook explores the many ways gender and violence interact across different contexts and offers a range of disciplinary perspectives. This comprehensive volume connects micro-level interpersonal violence to macro-level structural forms of violence across three discrete but interrelated sections: concepts, representations, and contexts.

"Global LGBTQ politics and human rights" 

Human Rights: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Elora Chowdhury & Rajini Srikanth (eds)

Oxfordshire, UK: Taylor and Francis/Routledge, 2018

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights: History, Politics, Practice is an edited collection that brings together analyses of human rights work from multiple disciplines. Within the academic sphere, this book will garner interest from scholars who are invested in human rights as a field of study, as well as those who research, and are engaged in, the praxis of human rights.

"The Revolutionary Possibilities of Online Trans and Queer Communities"

Gender, Sex and Politics: In the Streets and Between the Sheets

(Routledge, 2015)


This book chapter reviews ways that online queer and trans communities provide a space to connect in new and exciting ways not previously available to most. The chapter highlights the lesbian, feminist website Autostraddle as well as queer sex and fashion blogs such as DapperQ, The Handsome Butch Tumblr and The Testshot Tumblr.


Review articles

Homophobic Violence in Armed Conflict and Political Transition, Hagen J.

In : Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research. 25:3, 374-376, March 2020



Read here. 

Counting Male Victims, Recognizing Women Rapists and Revisiting Assumptions about Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

In:  Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 13:4, 524-530, July 2019

Read here.

Feminism is Queer: The Intimate Connection Between Queer and Feminist Theory

International Journal of Feminist Politics, Volume 19.4 (2017): pp. 549-550.


Read here. 


Additional online publications


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