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Kings College WPS Series, November 2020 (Listen here on Soundcloud.)

King´s College London / War Studies, Podcast Series #2, 27. November 2020


In the second episode of our three-part series celebrating 20 years of Women, Peace and Security (WPS), we look at the escalating threat that private companies, hired to provide military and security services, pose to the rights of women and minorities in conflict settings.

This privatisation of war can have incredibly damaging consequences. Private companies often occupy a murky territory outside the legal frameworks of states and international organisations, meaning human rights abuses, including gender-based and sexual violence, are committed under their watch with little or no comeuppance for the perpetrators.

Dr Jamie Hagen, Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, and Professor Saskia Stachowitsch, from the University of Vienna, join Dr Amanda Chisholm from our own School, to discuss the challenge of this threat, in particular for women and the LGBTQ community. And how Women, Peace and Security might be leveraged to highlight these atrocities and bring justice to the communities affected.

Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University in Belfast, UK, February 2020 (Listen here.)

UNSCR1325 was the first UN Security Council resolution to draw attention to women and girls during conflict, as well as the first to consider gendered experiences of war.

Yet those vulnerable to insecurity and violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity remain largely neglected by the international peace and security community. While much has been accomplished by WPS projects, there is an alarming lack of attention to how homophobic and transphobic violence targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) individuals occurs in conflict-related environments. The seminar will reflect on these silences and their implications, as well as discuss practical proposals for including sexual orientation and gender identity in WPS work.

Dr Jamie Hagen is Lecturer in International Relations, QUB and Co-Director of the QUB Centre for Gender in Politics. Dr Hagen researches LGBTQ inclusion in Women, Peace and Security practices, as well as queer analysis of security studies more broadly.

Venue and Time: Boardroom, BA-03-019, Ulster University Belfast Campus, 12 – 1.30pm, February 12, 2020

The seminar is being hosted in association with QUB Centre for Gender in Politics.

​Discussion includes: 

  • How the inclusion of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities opens up and complicates ideas of peace, security, and violence;

  • Solidarities and different ways of seeing gender justice;

  • Tensions between globalized conceptions of rights-seeking struggles and localized, context-specific understanding of queer and trans lives;

  • What does it mean to look at queer and trans communities from a place of possibilities and abundance instead of from a place of repression

Host: Sladjana Lazic


Interview along with fellow CGP co-direct Maria Deiana, August 2020

Interview at King's College, June 2019

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