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Contribution to Interventions section in Critical Studies on Security

The current issue of Critical Studies on Security (CSS) includes an Interventions section about Queer/ing In/Security. I was invited submit a piece to the issue by Cai Wilkinson and took the opportunity to reflect once again on the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Colombian peace accords. 

Others who participated in the Interventions section of this issue include Catherine Baker, Julia Richardson, and Paul Gordon Kramer. All of the pieces take a queer security approach to a specific policy question.

The Interventions section of CSS provides a rare opportunity to respond to questions of security in a short and accessible format. In this way the section, of this issue as well as others, is likely of interest to those who are engaged in questions of queer policy as well as queer theory in the international arena. I'm pleased I was able to take the opportunity to connect to on-the-ground organizing by lesbians unfolding in Nigeria, specifically organizing for same-sex marriage. 

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