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Joining Queen's University Belfast as Lecturer in International Relations

In September 2019 I joined Queen's University Belfast as Lecturer in International Relations. It's been a whirlwind year between teaching, establishing a Centre for Gender in Politics and of course becoming part of the Belfast community. I took this breathtaking photo when visiting for the first time for my interview in June 2019.

In my role as lecturer I join the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics.

Last year as a part of HAPP I taught on a number of courses related to conflict, gender and security including Conflict Intervention(MA), and Gender and Politics (UG). This semester marks my the beginning of my second year at QUB. I'm pleased to be teaching the Gender, Peace and Security MA module which has been a pleasure to teach, even with all the challenges that come with teaching online during a pandemic.

Finding my footing as a researcher and teacher continues to be a journey, especially during a time of so much continuing uncertainty globally. I'm so grateful for the feminist scholars who helped me while on the job market and as I continue to find my way within the academia while connected to those aspects of feminist and queer civil society work that carried me here.

Gatekeeping persists in academia. This year marks the first of the ISA LGBTQA Mentoring Programme. I've joined as a mentor and am hoping more will join me to support queer scholars on the job market. To serve as a mentor you only need to 1) identify/have lived experienced as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Non-Binary, Gender Diverse, Queer, Questioning or Intersex, and 2) be researching or teaching in Politics and/or IR or a closely related discipline at a tertiary institution.

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